Beaudesert Show Demoltion derby



This year we will be running both the Restricted Derby and the Main Derby.   

  • There is only one entry form this year – you will need to tick the box showing which derby you are entering into.
  • Rules for both derbies are on the one sheet,  where as there is a difference in build rules for the restricted these are highlighted in red.
  • All official updates will be done via this notice board.

HELMETS:  all helmets must be within date (10 years) and meet the required standards.

Helmets bearing any of the following markings are approved for use: AS 1698, Australian Standard; Snell SA 90, M90, SA95, SA 2010 and SA 2015 USA Standard; SF1 Spec. 31.1, 31.2, USA Standard; SIS 88.24.11(2), Swedish Standard; DS 2124.1, Danish Standard; SFS 3653, Finnish Standard; ONS/OMK, German Standard; NE 5 72 305, French Standard; E22 (with 02, 03, 04 or 05 amendments), European Standard; BS 6658-85 Type A and A/FR (including amendments), British Standard as a minimum (Helmets exceeding these standards are accepted.) 

No helmet may be modified from its specification as manufactured except in compliance with instructions approved by the manufacturer.

SCRUTINEERING:  will be between 12pm and 2.00pm

ROLL CALL: 3.00pm

REFUELLING: Competitors may only take a 5Ltr fuel can onto the main ring to refuel after the parade lap.


Main Demolition Derby:

Email    Please make sure you provide your full contact details so that one of our stewards can get in contact with you.



If you have any questions about the Beaudesert Show Demolition Derby, please contact us by completitng the enquiry form below.   Once our team has time to review your question we will get back to you.

Beaudesert Show Demolition Derby

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