Attention Campdrafters,

We are having issues with Campdraft one program refunds to do with ones that have scratched, Steve from aca has been helping from their end but it has been very frustrating – we are trying to move forward and get new nominations in and accepted.  There will be lots of places in the open and restricted drafts and the stallion draft and all others. 

For all new comers make sure you are ready to enter please don’t enter to come to Beaudesert and then tell us a few hours later you have changed your mind, also please think about what horses are going where and make changes now, as we will not be doing any over the weekend.  For those that have been accepted please pay your Money asap otherwise we won’t be able to do draw.

Also, the grounds are still wet and we are checking each day to make sure it will be ok to draft on the grounds.  We will make decisions a bit later in the week.  If you would like to enter the draft please put you entries on the wait list and we will hope to get to them all later today.